Actually really liked Shadows on the wall. Pleasant surprise haha. Thought the lyrics were great and the music really fitted. And just the right amount of pop
i listend to shadows on the wall. cool song. the lyrics were good. and so were the vocals but they kinda seemed whiny to me in spots, not that thats bad, i think its just the style. he's a very good singer. nice beat and chords. at 138 the chorus was nice, but it took a long time to get there. i think it should come in a little sooner, even if it means chopping some good lyrics away. i think it will add to the song. i like around the 4 min mark when everything kinda slows down for a little bit. good song overall. bet it would be killer played live.

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Hey, thanks for the crit, don't worry about being to harsh, I need some real feedback. I will check out your songs when I get my speakers back from my friend's house.
sirens: i love the piano intro although i felt that it could be eqed with less mids and more bass and treble. the bass sounds great. really smooth and groovy. the vocals are pretty coool, a bit loud in the mix and a bit bassy even on my treble heavy headphones. i thought the vocals could have been more emotional. it's how i used to sing before my keyboardist started yelling at me. solo was really good too

shadows...:i like the intro cool guitar riff. the drums are unexpected but cool. your bass is a little off in places and the snare could be louder. the vocals in this are very pretty. i like them alot. lyrics are good too. the vocals have a bit to much verb on them.

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