Hey, this is a song me and my band made, C4C

All Shall Perish was a huge influence for this song, as well as the usual -core acts (As Blood Runs Black, Parkway Drive)

EDIT: Updated, i made it longer.
song (2).zip

Yes, poop.
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dude...you are amazing...im speechless, i loved everything about it...the only problem i had with it, is that it was too short...if your band ever gets signed, you better let me know..

bar11- this riff is awesome..im jealous...i wish i could say i made it up...

bar23- again another awesome riff..

i love the tapping at bar 46...

overall id give it a 9/10 its not a 10 because i think it could be longer...

c4c? its song 7 in my sig, if you have the time..thanks
Drums on the intro sound great. Badass.
The riff at 11 is also great. Especially when the harmonies come in.
I also really like 23
31 not so much, but you know me. I'm not a big fan of chugging stuff like that.
However when 35 hits, it's just pure win.
46 is my favorite section of the song by a long shot. But I'm a sucker for epic leads. The harmony guitar makes it a bit cluttered though. Perhaps cut the volume there.
Surprisingly, I didn't care much for 74. It was just...idk. Unfitting.
Don't really like the chugging section after it. That progression has been beaten to death in deathcore.
89 is another great riff.
From there on it's just recycled riffs from earlier, so I'll end it here.

Very nice job on this though
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