K well i rest my wrist on the bridge of my guitar, but if i were to get say a string through body, would i still be able to rest my hand on the strings behind the bridge, or would it be basically a palm mute, and if it is a palm mute, how should i get used to not resting my hand on the bridge?
yeah, you can do that and it won't be a palm mute, but it won't be very comfortable...

ryan wiesen (lildude_6859)
wow never thought of this and im about to good look at a string through. but even though the bridge is so small i would think you would still rest your hand on the bridge without having to palm mute. it would take some getting used to but, its possible.
You get used to it by not doing it. And continuing to not do it. There's no obstacle besides simply breaking the habit, but about half way through the process you will wish there were obstacles, cause it sucks..

I know, I've been in your position and have that habit.
That depends on what kind of string through body you get.
My Vector has a string through with the strings going to a TOM, then the body.
However, my RG has a fixed bridge like a strat, but it's a string through body.
So it doesn't really matter if it's a string through or not, it matters on what kind of bridge the guitar has.
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well lets say the dean dave mustaine signature series, any of em really, would i be able to keep my hand on the strings behind the bridge on any of those?