Hey, so I'll be playing Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen with a friend. Just guitar and voice. In the beginning and end I'd like to improvise some short solos, you know, as a Intro and Outro kind of stuff.

I've been looking at the harmony of the song and it seems to be in the key of G if I'm not mistaken. But Brian May solos the song in G Mixolydian I think? Or is it just G Major/Pentatonic with some chromatic notes thrown in the middle?

Play it by ear, do what sounds good.

It's pretty much just major scale stuff from what I can hear.

But then again, last time I heard the song was a couple of weeks ago.. but I don't think he goes into modes in it.

Just fiddle around in major scale/pentatonic.

EDIT: I play in in D, makes the little hammer-on riff easier for me.
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Just base your solo around G major.
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The original solo is based in D pentatonic with occasional note from D blues pentanotic and D minor