hey guys, I was considering buying a Fender CD-60...as i'm an electric player I don't know a great deal about acoustics. Any help would be great. Cheers

For the same price, you can get this Yamaha. While the Fender is okay, it's not quite as good as the Yammy. The Yamaha features a solid top whereas the Fender is all laminate, and that's quite a key feature. Fender generally makes alright acoustic guitars, but yamaha makes terrific lower end/entry level guitars.
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I did the same, I played the electric and got a Fender CD-60.

My opinion would be stay away from Fender Acoustics, while Fender makes good electrics, their acoustics are sub-par.

Problem's with my CD-60 :
-Action is much higher than similar priced acoustics (even with a proper setup)
-not a solid top, (u can find cheap solid tops guitars for just a little more)
- Sound's ok, but you can find better
-overall its tough to play, string tension is tight even with light strings

- Looks good
-comes with a nice case

i'd say pay a little more and get a Seagull S6, im about to upgrade to a Seagull Maritime