My shoulder has been killing me because my strap doesn't do much in the way of comfort. Right now I'm using some Levy strap with barbed wire designs on it. Anyone got any under $50 strap suggestions? It doesn't need any fancy designs on it, I just need it to feel good.
try a planet waves strap (especially the satriani ones). or a wider one
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we also had this discussion just a few weeks ago that had some really good answers.

the LM brand straps are also nice for a little less money.
The other thing I will mention about LM is that if you are on the short side, their straps are adjustable to smaller frames. I own two myself (I have a bad habit of losing straps..and then finding them again).
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try a planet waves strap (especially the satriani ones).

I have one of their strap-lock ones and it took the tension off my neck/sholder area. Although the webbing isn't thick as most straps, it really supports the weight somehow.
One of these- http://www.neotechstraps.com/product/detail/?PRODUCT_ID=12&PRODUCT_SUB_ID=&CATEGORY_ID=5

It makes my ATK feel like a Jazz on a normal strap
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