..having "basslines" played on instruments that aren't actually a bass guitar?

I'm having a hard time finding a bass guitarist, and I was considering using an octave effect on my guitar to do basslines, or perhaps play them on keyboard.

Does it come off as being a bit dodgy or does it work out alright?

Any well-known bands do this?

Because I'm getting impatient and just want to start rehearsing, and unfortunately it looks like I'll have to do basslines (I definately want basslines in my bands songs) and I don't actually have a bass guitar. :/
..and my keyboard isn't quite up to date..
i think jack white does that quite a bit, could be wrong though.
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yeah jack white only plays guitar but uses an octave effect. at least thats what ive herd and seen from live stuff on youtube. so ya...i would just do basslines with your guitar and an octave effect.
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Yeah, been fiddling around with my footpedal and can't actually find the right effect I'm after.. I got something that does an octave effect, but it makes it sound like my guitars out of tune. >_>

I think it can do it, I just don't quite know how to make my own effects and stuff on the pedal very well.. it's an RP50 (yeah, cheap, I know..)

I guess I'll figure somethin' out, I know Jack White does it, but I meant in a more full band context, like guitar, drums and "bass" at same time.. Jack White can't do both bassline and guitar at the same time can he?
theres lots of ways of playing a bassline on a guitar... Hendrix did it. COuntry players who play travis picking style do it and so do classical players
*lust list*
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Keys are fine for providing the bass in a live band situation.

There's little else I can recommend that really gives you the same feel though. A guitar through an octave pedal will not sound like a guitar+bass, it'll sound like a guitar through an octave pedal