no i played his actual gibson les paul junior. he used to give the epiphone juniors back in the day for people that covered knowledge
P.S Brendie
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wow. good on you, you acted like you had done that a million times before! It's a super simple song, but i'm sure playing in front of thousands of people would make anyone play like it was their first week with the instrument! You executed it perfectly, AND had some onstage antics to boot, i'm impressed (and i dont even like greenday that much)
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Nice! Actually I didn't watch it with sounds 'cos I'm waiting for a pizza and our house doesn't have a doorbell. But u looked like a pro and lucky.
I envy you right now I wish Paramore allowed fans to play guitar on stage with them. I'd be a very happy girl.
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love crime
finna do a love crime

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bada$$ thats sick dude
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So, how did it feel to play infront of thousands of people?
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I was at that show.

Al the mountains of envy and all the "THAT EASILY COULD HAVE BEEN ME"'s aside, you played ur heart out and did a great job!!!!

I would have gladly played that song with them, but i didnt know they key

but hey im taking music theory classes in college now so

too bad u could not keep the LP


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As long as the drummer didn't make a pass at you afterwards, I guess you didn't fail THAT badly.
dude you have your own security staff !
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Haha is this really for critique or is it more "Hey I played with green day "? Anyway, it was fine, not that 4 chord songs take much skill. Congratulations for that though, I woulda killed for that haha.
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