i enjoyed it i really like your vocal delay its very pink floydish what did you use?
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Great chords, nice atmosphere... The lyrics were interestering (could you post them? )
I also liked the vocal effect!
Though it wasnt a bad quality recording, I think of it as "composition>quality"

Good job overall! Can't wait to hear a prof-recording of it
Very nostalgic feel , should be nice when you play it live in a bar or something like that.
Like TechnoLP said, it sounds very Pink Floydish , which is great.
I don't think this can be improved. (except for recording quality, ofc.)
Thanks for the crit... and now your turn!

Very nice voice - I remember this from previous recordings, quite unique in my opinion
I like the effect used on your voice, adds more depth to the usual recording.
Chords on acoustic guitar backed the vocal melody very nicely.

If I were you, I would add a little bit more to the intro before the voice comes it - for me, the voice came in a bit too early.

Nevertheless, a great song... and keep it up!
its sweet man! reminds me of pink floyd - pigs on the wing. that's a good thing. nice and simple song, laid back. only downside is the recording quality(it isn't that bad though). i can't really crit anything though, it's the style i love listening too!