I know I posted something similar up before but would really appreciate feedback

Hey everyone, my name is Eoin and I'm 18. I have a Strat knockoff I got brand new for around 80 euro and an Artec GP-10 amp for 50 euro new too.


This is not the exact same guitar but it's identical to mine

Here is the amp


Ok so here is my issue :

When I play it sounds ok but I'm easily demotivated. I think it's me but sometimes I think my guitar just sounds bad. When I play certain riffs they just don't sound right. I've been playing acoustic for around a year and electric only a few months. One day I randomly messed with my truss rod not knowing what it could do and I think I may have messed with the neck etc. Then I read today about intonation and mine is out on a few strings. I tried fixing it but I can't/dunno how on my saddle.

For example on this riff


the open G totally ruins the sound, since it's meant to blend in but it makes this weird out of tune noise and sounds like crap when I play it, but its in tune? I dunno what to do. And I'm having trouble with muting too, dunno why, I think and hope it's just me, not my gear etc

I tried messing with the saddle and when I get the 12th fret note on a string in tune the open one goes out and when I get the open one in tune the 12th goes out, I'm so fed up. I dunnp whether I should buy some new strings tomorrow and try again, hoping new strings will make a difference, or just bring my guitar in for a setup in the store. Or maybe just forget about it and save for a new one? Sometimes when I'm playing mostly my g string will sound a little out even tho it shows up as tuned on the tuner, and some strings rattle or buzz off the neck, it's really demotivating and annoying

Any advice on my three options I listed above would help immensely
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I know you've asked a couple places and I don't think I saw this mentioned...since this is your first time working with a setup, make sure your bridge is set flat against the body and not floating at all. Do this by either tightening the claw screws in the back of the body or blocking the trem block with a piece of wood. With a floating bridge, every setup change you make will affect the tuning of all the strings, it'll drive you nuts.
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It's probably intonation issues with your guitar.

If you have a friend who is experienced (at least 3-5 years) with guitars and knows how to do a setup, have him/her do it for you.

If not, take it to a shop and have them set up the guitar.
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