Hey guys. I currently have a Breedlove OM,FS with a Fishman Matrix Infinity installed. Now I've recently gotten very interested in Damien Rice's music and his overall sound. Now for those of you who don't listen to him, he plays acoustic but uses effects such as distortion, delay, looping, etc. He uses a Boss Ls-2 to switch between the distortion and things I believe because even when he has the distortion pedal on, you can still hear the clean acoustic sound with it. I've been looking into buying a distortion pedal to use with my acoustic to add to my sound and songs.

My question is if I could do that and make it still sound decent with my pickup (Damien uses some sort of electric guitar humbucker mounted into a soundhole pickup).

I've seen people like John Butler do this too, but he uses a volume pedal and two pickups. I have found a 1/4" splitter that turns 1 cable into two different cables. Meaning I plug my cable into it and could run one side into my tuner then to one direct box, then the other into a distortion pedal then to another direct box.
I tried to look for the thing on Google, but this is the best I could find and it's in GBP haha

I realized this probably is a terrible description
But I was just wondering if someone here could give me some guidance to how I could go about doing this without wasting money on a distortion pedal if it doesn't work. Thanks in Advance.
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Hey thanks I'll try that.

I've actually thought about the ProCo Rat. I'll still look around though.
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Check what your local store has, and ask if they'll let you try a couple of pedals with your guitar. I don't have much experience with piezo pickups, although judging from my new bass (my only electro-acoustic) they're very sensitive compared to, say, a Strat's single coils. It gets a kind of funky sound distorted, though I haven't tried it too much since I only have an electric guitar amp and even that cheap little thing doesn't deserve its speaker blown out...

The only other advice I can offer is, avoid the Boss OS-2. To be honest, all their pedals I've tried have been pretty terrible, but that one especially still makes my ears bleed. It also drains its batteries in about ten minutes (slight exaggeration), which I'd probably call its one good feature.

Well, if you dislike Boss peds, then which do u prefer? Custom builds, Muffs...what??
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