Is it possible to practice sweep picking unplugged?
Also, is it fine to practice scales/alternate picking/general exercises unplugged?
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its fine to practice anything unplugged, just cause the sound isnt amplified doesnt mean you cant play.

but one thing about sweeping, is that if you sweep incorrectly the other strings ring out, and you cant hear them if its unplugged.
(which means if you only practice sweeping unplugged, and then plug in and sweep, it sounds like crap)
so i practice everything unpluggued (and plugged in) but i only practice sweeping plugged in.

EDIT: the guy below me explained exactly what i was trying to say but he explained it better
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i mean, it's possible, but when you sweep unplugged, it'll be harder to tell if you have excess noise ringing out

EDIT: ^damnit, beat me to it
I think sweeping unplugged can be a different technique altogether. I have a video in which I am sweeping on an acoustic somewhere in youtube under supaandiinny username.

When I sweep on the acoustic my pick is more parallel to the strings, and I pick everything without any legato so the attack comes through more clearly.

On the electric I angle the pick a bit and move my hand further from the bridge to mute the sweep into cleanliness.

You can practice the muted technique unplugged too, but If you were to actually do a performance acoustically, I recommend you practice the technique differently