Ok I been reading tabs n on sum ocasions I see this

Idk if any1 is getting wat im saying but its like a power chord bu u dnt play the 1 in the middle idk how to strum that I've seen it with X in between to mute it but I've seen this kind n not kno how to play it
its the same as the kinds with an x , u mute the string thats not being fretted
There are 3 ways.

If its a rock song, then it's most likely that you just mute the string in between and play all three. The 10 is an octave of the 8.

Finger pick it. Thumb picks 8 index picks 10.

Hybrid Pick it. Pick 8 with a pick and use your middle finger on 10.
Put your index finger on the 8, and your ring finger on the 10 and let the fatty middle part of your index finger simply touch and therefore mute the middle string,
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I think it's clear now so I won't answer.

It's played exactly the same as with the X in the middle, unless it's in some kind of fingerpicking song, then you would pluck both string with a different finger and don't touch the middle one at all
this is called octave chord...you mute the middle string between the fifth and third by touching it sightly with your first finger