I'm in need of some motivation. Music is y life, being able to play music and mae a living off of tha is my dream. I'm afraid I got a late start however, and I'm not receiving much support from parents, and it doesn't help having iadequate teachers. What to do??
I dont know about your money situation, but if you can, look into Rob Chappers, he's an excellent guitarist out of england but he does personalized instruction DVD's for like $50. Aside from that just a lot of reading different books will help, listening is the biggest tool, through listening to music we start to pick up on devices and sound schematics used and eventually incorporate them in our playing. Then just jamming with people not nessecarily for a band situation but find a fellow guitarist near you who may be better than you but is still down to earth personality wise and jam with them, its the best way to learn plus they can give you some useful tips
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My motivation tends to be my teachers, friends and most of all, EXAMS.
A lot of the time I lose a lot of motivation if I have no aim or goal. So set yourself realistic goals each week. I used ot realyl hate doing this, but it does work and it gives you a schedule to be just a ahead of.
sounds like you could write a song. a very sad song but its a start. i would aim towards just making music for the joy of making music and not worry about the situation :/ hope that helps

ps. i would ditch the teacher if they arent helping.
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