I want to play music like All Time Low, The Academy Is.., and Senses Fail. I'm able to play a few songs from each from tabs. I was wondering what was the best way to go about playing/writing music in this style. Such as should I be learning chords or just power chords? And how do I know about playing in key and such? Also what about scales? And should I set aside time to train my ear? I'd be grateful for any help, thanks in advance!
I'm just confused on how learning chords will translate over into playing other things like power chords and such. And any tips on what I should do for ear training?
Trust me once you can play anything youll probably be able to play the average alt rock.
All you'll really need is power chords, its been done, sad to say, but yes.
but if you'd actually like to pursue music with some kind of intelligence in your composition learn chords and scales, major and pentatonic are barely learned, the pattern burns into your skull fairly instantaniously.
Try playing like Fall of Troy XD
Much more talented
Till Death Do Us Part
So Die
Ooh ok I see what your saying. That helps a lot, thanks! But the question about ear training still stands if anyone can give me any advice on how to build a better ear. Should I try and learn to play simple songs by ear or find a nice program or what?