I'm playing a couple gigs next week where I will be getting paid some fairly serious cash, so I have decided that I'm going to replace my ****ty Digitech Hot Rod pedal with something better. But I'm not a huge gear head so I don't really know much about distortion pedals outside of the Tubescreamer and the Big Muff (both of which I will soon try), and so I'm looking for suggestions of good pedals for me to check out.

My current gigging set up is a 1962 Fender Jazzmaster with a Fender Blues Jr. amp. I would consider myself a very versatile musician and have played in bands with many different styles including piano pop, jazz/funk, indie rock, blues, and progressive metal. I probably won't play too much heavier stuff in the near future (though I love it) but I need something that's can work in many different styles but also has a little bit of muscle when I need it to. Any suggestions?
the boss mega distortion or digitech grunge might work
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I like the Digitech Tonedriver- its an overdrive pedal, but its so versatile for its price...

try craigslist or ebay for good, cheap examples

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^I like the Digitech Grunge myself...

Whatever you do, please don't purchase the Digitech Hot Head. It's a very thin sounding pedal. Even with tube amps!
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i have a digitech grunge, too much feedback, unless u have a noise surpresser or something og the sorts
Dont waste your time with the cheap crap, music is one of those industries that unfortunately 80% of the time the more you spend the better it usually is. For a versatile distortion pedal I would Suggest getting a Fulltone OCD which reatils for around $160, you can probably snag one used in good condition for around $120 or so. I have used one in the past and was able to get it to do drive from a subtle classic rock to boosting a blues solo or even doing the metal crunch and getting a sweet boost for an awesome shred solo.
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