I don't know many drummers and I have always been interested in purchasing drum software so I can record all of my music by myself.
I become quite fond of the program Toontrack's EZDrummer which a few of my favourite musicians (Devin Townsend, Meshuggah, ) have used on their albums but it is quite expensive and beyond my budget at the moment.

I'm curious if anybody knows of any alternative decent drumming software thats is less expensive.
I have steven slate drums and i like it a lot. Check it out. It's worth a quick google.
iDrum is pretty good and is like $60, i dont know how much EZ Drummer is. IF you use a PC Acoustica beatcraft is pretty good too
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I got drum kit from hell 2. it's sweet!!! so many samples but you need heaps of memory to load them all up. i got 4gb ram just so i could use it.
iDrum is nice for a standalone software, and you can import your own sounds as you like.
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Try to get reaper and ezdrummer (with the drum kit from hell add on). I just got a POD and am messing around with this setup and I have to say it's awesome!