I wouldn't say this is completely progressive but it shows strong elements of it, so I commend you, it sounds very good so far. I really like the Keyboard solo. It fits perfectly. The melody for the Intro B/Pre-Chorus sounds generic but some fine-tuning will fix that easy. The choir adds a nice touch as well.
The intro was pretty decent, didn't like the use of the 5/4

Key change was very generic, but I'm not a fan of dropped tunning riffage such as that.

The Keyboard solo and Verse sounded like it would be the background music for the original DOOM. They were alright. Good riff in the verse but it got a little boring.

Pre-chorus was again the same riff from the Intro that felt a little awkward. Use the 5/4 once or twice, not every fourth bar, if you're going to use time signature variations, use them more than that and built a momentum, it felt as if you just threw them in there to be more "progressive"

The Chorus sounded almost like a post-chorus solo, but it would be better with vocals. Maybe another layer of some synth/rhythm guitar.

Overall, for a WIP i'd give it a 6.5/10, it's got potential, but sounded a little cliche and forced.
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