Sweet! Very epic, like the strings and flute! Also I like it how it is with no vox!

Crit my song? Four Arms And No Legs in my profile (It's a Electronica song with metal guitar in some parts)
i dunno something sounded like one, i think anyways. it's not a guitar......or is it?:s
cool tune tho.
Good job - I don't think that the song needs vocals as it carries itself pretty well throughout. It would be nice to hear it properly produced. It's really good i can't actually think of any real critisism lol. Maybe just tightening things up :P

good stuff

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Nice tune! The leads seem a little out of tune/timing is off sometimes. How did you record the guitars? They have a pretty nice tone and punch. Good riffs too. The drums were also programmed well. Overall, very solid, it seems like it could be very cool with the right kind of vocals added.

Crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=21126914#post21126914