This is a song that I wrote for the woman in my life. I hope she likes it haha.

The lyrics arent really written yet so the vocals on this are just what Im hoping they come out as...

Nothing special really to the solo..

I will allow all crits positive or negative

C4C as always just leave a link
Tayler's Song.gp5
Quote by Heminator89
Honestly bro, solo sounded like ringa ringa roses. Are you 14?

LOL I think he's taken, don't ask his age. lol

I think a love song should be slightly more balladic? Other than that I kinda liked it. lol 8/10 it kinda got boring after the same riff but that's because I don't hear vocals. That will probably save the day. Crit4Crit? The Talking Tomato in my sig
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I agree with Defiance when he says it gets boring after hearing the same riff over and over throughout the song. However, I'm sure that once you actually put vocals in this will help the problem a lot. Your vocal melody doesn't sound great but at least it's something I guess.

The solo was also nothing really that impressive but at least you had it in there which gave the song a change, you could also thinking about moving this more towards the middle of the song rather than the end. The songs extremely simple so it shouldn't really be too hard to sing over but I still think it needs a bit of work.

Keep working on it, you'll get it better, not too bad though.

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