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It's time to get serious about the guitar playing. I'm obviously going to need a new amp and guitar here. I've been reading and researching all over the internet and I think I've just about exhausted it.

I have a hard time describing my playstyle. Some metal. Some hard rock. Coheed-Fair To Midland - System of a Down - Bush - Rage against the Machine. Heavy stuff but not too much tapping or sweeping going on.

I just recently started downtuning to C standard and I've fallen in love with that. So I guess it has to be something that can handle staying in tune pretty well as I would keep this new axe in one tuning for all of it's life.
I also want it to look slightly aggressive. Kind of turned off to the Les Paul, Strat-style bodies. Just too boring for my taste, although I'm fully aware they sound topnotch.

Criteria (for now):

No to Les Paul-Strat style bodies, more aggressive, but not BC Rich, goth extreme.
No to FR set ups
No to locking nuts
3-way toggle
Probably some decent passive pickups for now, seeing as I'll most likely be getting a solid state amp for the time being.

I was offered a PRS SE (05 I think) for 300 and a Fender Princeton Chorus amp for 150. But I've read up that the amp isn't so suited for metal or anything harder than classic rock. And the PRS looks great, except for the burst paint job and the simple body design
Fenders usually aren't suited for metal ever. That's just my 2 cents.
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Fenders usually aren't suited for metal ever. That's just my 2 cents.

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