k i just got this the other day and im having problem getting the sounds to work right. ok, so i alraedy have a pedalboard. my current pedalboard have a boss delay dd3, and 2 boss overdrive stompboxes. i still want to use these with my new podx3live. also i want to have them run on both the pa and my amp at the same time. basically my main sound is coming from the pa and the amp is just for monitor i guess. but the thing is when i connected it. the sounds that comes out in the pa is only the pod x3live without my old pedalboard. and the sound that comes out in the amp are both the x3 and my old pedalboard. lol. so im totally confuse right now. what i want is i want the sounds from both the x3 and my old pedalboard to come out to the pa and the amp. i dunno if that makes sense. but yeah. maybe my connection was wrong. but i dont remember how i connected it so yeah. if you know how to solve this then please lend me your wisdom, cuz i need this problem solve tomorrow. lol thanks