ok, I am doing the classic "nice brother" thing.
I have a baby sister, who is turning 4 in november.
She has a little pink ukulele, but whenever we go to the rockshop, She says, "I want a big guitar!". mum says "when you're older". she brings me over to the guitar section, and says: "I want that one when im older!" pointing at the Dean Razorback Explosion, lol.
So, I am going to make her a "little" elec. guitar.
I have a spare piece of wood lying around, which is: around 1.8cm (3/4 inch).
My crazy idea is to simply screw the pup on with no pickguard (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=350228012761&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT ).
As you can prob. tell, idc how it sounds, as long as it works. I also will have a volume pot, and a fender output jack.
How will I wire a single coil, to a volume, to an output jack? can you PLEASE show me a diagram?
Thanks guys
thats a pretty cool thing that you're doing dude
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You can find your own diagram theres a million out there, in other words, google.

Also, I see a problem with the thickness of the body wood. The neck usually sits approximately 1.5cm deep into the body. This leaves you with only 3mm of space, and depending on the wood that will not be enough. if the wood is strong then you'll have to find shorter screws than normal guitar neck screws as they will be likely to screw straight through the neck and out of the fretboard.

You do know that your going to need more than a piece of wood, a pickup, a volume pot and a jack? What about the neck? What neck are you going to use? What about tuners? A bridge? a nut? If your making the neck your also going to need frets and a truss rod - the list goes on.

Do you plan on routing at all? You said you'll just "screw the pickup on" do you plan on routing for it? If you don't route for it, the strings won't go over the pickup, the saddles on the bridge simply don't go that high.

To be honest, you haven't got a very good and thorough plan of attack.
Good luck man. IMO, build a smaller scale guitar, maybe like 15-17 frets, and make it one piece, that way you don't have to worry about the neck joint. But, what do I know, I haven't built a guitar, haha.
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