Basically Im upgrading to a Marshall jcm 800 2203 sick amp but I hate that it's one channel. Anyway that I could get a distortion pedal and have a certain eq for that then turn the pedal off and have a certain eq for that?

All help is appreciated
One channel amps are really responsive to your guitars volume knob. roll it back for cleans. Also pick lighter/softer for a cleaner less clipped sound


the detox EQ is perfect for one channel amps
Heres how PaulGilbert Uses it
paul uses it for his one channel amps. gets him a cleaner sound
IE perfect for your situation. ill even use it for my two channel amps on the low gain channels to get a faster cleaner sound if i cant find my footswitches

Anyways you want an OD pedal to push you jcm800 further along imo.
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2203s have so much dynamics that with the gain cranked all the way up, just by picking lightly you get a clean sound.
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Thanks for the help you guys and with the eq pedal could I change eq on the clean channel just like the amps eq?
I've heard about that one but one they sound noticably different n 2 I can't find one anywhere I played it at my friends house n he got his years ago
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Isn't there a dual channel JCM800?
Why not get that?

They're not as good, IMO.

I use an Ernie Ball VP Jr. in front of my MXR 108 in a true bypass loop to have a footswitchable clean channel with some EQ adjustments.
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