EDIT : CHANGE OF PLAN - Not adding the fuzzbox cos it'll be too complex since its my first customisation, easier to just replac pickups and give the guitar a new look

I'm planning on modding my cheap les paul copy. My original aim was to just replace the pickups but after lookingf around i became inspired to do more.

i'm planning on:
-replacingthe neck pick pickup
-replacing the bridge pickup

-when and if this ever gets finished i plan on painting it all black, including the back of the neck and getting a vinyl wrap (possibly a H.R. Giger picture)

My questions of this moment are:
- what would be a good pickup?
- can you think of anything i can replace the other nob with, or should i just fll it?

will upload a pic of my rough outline soon
this will be first mod.
attached image
links to 2 possible hr designs:

Steve Stevens Atomic Playboy


Future Kill:

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Maybe a coil split if you're putting in a humbucker with that option for the other knob?
Sounds quite cool keep us posted on what you do with it
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