i love pretty much all old music and its awsome but i wish there was some decent music to listen to for something new
The Parlor Mob
When you are past the stage of noob, you then become a geek.....

Epiphones are the way forward! <3
If you mean new bands, try:

Oasis (Beatles, Stones)
Wolfmother (Sabbath, Zeppelin)
The Black Keys (more blues based)
Back Door Slam (Claptonesque)
Green Day's new album 21st Century Breakdown is very John Lennon-e.
The White Stripes (Blues/garage rock)

If not, ignore mah post.
Check out The Sword (Sort of Southern rock. Reminds me of Sabbath) and The Answer (A lot like AC/DC). Plus all other bands previously mentioned
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American Minor
The Redwalls
The Raconteurs
The White Stripes
Eagles of Death Metal
The Black Keys
The Muggs
Thee Shams
The Sights
Eric Lindell
The Greenhornes