I have been playing guitar now for a little under 4 months and wanted to know if I am doing any good and or going in the right direction. So far I can almost play the Back In Black Solos and can play a lot of main riffs to songs and some even more in depth such as Under The Bridge and pretty much every AC/DC Song (Im an AC/DC Fanatic) I wanted to know If I am doing good and what I should work on (I know many scales and formations and chords) or what songs I should learn to build speed because i would love to play up and down the fretboard as fast as I can and make it sound great. Please help me in the right direction.

(If this is in the wrong forum I am sorry)
You could try some new exercises like the 21 day challenge or practice some more technical solos (no offense to AC/DC )

but it sounds like you are doing fine buddy
Ha whats the 21 day challenge?

And could you point me in the right direction for more technical things?

Its not about what you know, but about how well you know it all

Any guitarist can come up with the scales and the chords if you asked him too, but the more experienced guitarists will know all of that well enough to use it and manipulate it all to make actual music

Technically, you're probably doing well. But there's no end to 'knowing scales and formations and chords', so keep practising all of that