hey i was just hopeing cuz im new to trying out settings if anyone would know some good settings for my setup im trying differnt things out

i have

Guitar : B.C Rich warlock afterburner ( special edition )

Effects pedal : behringer ultra metal um300

Amp : Kustom Quad 65 DFX

im hopeing to get some settings for any of these songs

offspring - pretty fly
offspring - original prankster
rammstein - otherworld
silverchair - freak
sanna montana - smooth
disturbed - down with the sickness
metallica - enter sandman
dragon ball z theme (english one )
Korn - freak on a leash
linkin park - hit the floor
linkin park - one step closer

please help me out here i hope i have not bothered anyone and havent posted in the wrong place

thanks in advance if you can help me out ( ^-^)
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Here's some help. Kill your distortion pedal.
Behringer is the most terrible sound company Ive ever experienced
Till Death Do Us Part
So Die