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You push it harder and harder
24 44%
You push it and keep it pressed
30 56%
Voters: 54.
So you have a remote control/ other electric appliance and it has a button. You have never used it before. You push the button and nothing happens. What do you do?

Push it harder and harder?
Push it and hold it?


just to see how people do.
put in the batteries
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I push it harder, direct it at the appliance, failing that I'll throw it in a fire.
Keep it held, if you don't know what the appliance is then the chances are holding the button is more likely to be a correct function than pressing it harder.
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Depends on the remote control and the nature of the button.

If I know what the remote is meant to be controlling, I'll try to aim it more directly towards the device and push again, harder.

If the button says "Self-Destruct" and nothing happens upon pushing it, I lose faith in mankind.
I say we find out who made this damn remote control which doesn't work and kill him.
I do a weird mixture, i usually press it in hard and hold it there, if nothing happens then I repeatedly press the button.
throw the thing at whatever it is meant to be affecting, storm out of the room. Ring the tech peopel and pretend to be some really old lady having trouble with it.
Disguise my stupidity at not having put the batteries in
I throw it across the room in a huff and continue watching Loose bloody Women.
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