ok. so this has happened before, but i forgot how to fix it. the program is saved on an external hard drive because of how many times i had to restore my old laptop. when i run the program, the notes in standard notation and he numbers for the tabs are both invisible. anyone else ever have this problem?
Exactly this happend to me 1 day ago o.O
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click on i think its the instrument or track name, it has an option that says "show tab" or something like that
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u need to install java runtime.
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It's the font OP.
Go to C:\Windows\Fonts

There should be a file name Guitar Pro (<5) or Guitar Pro 5. Both are true type fonts.

If it's not there, the directory that you've installed Guitar Pro in should have a subdirectory called fonts, which contains the font. You can install the same by copying the file to C:\Windows\Fonts (as an Administrator preferably).

Try that. Then, if it works. Give me some chocolate love cookies