How much is one worth?My friend bought one at a pawn shop for $436.00 and it was suppost to be "new".What do yall think?Did he get screwed?How much would be one new and used? The pawn shops return is only for store credit.So he would have to sell it on craigslist.I really feel for him.IM trying to find as much out so I can help him.Thanks guys
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Did he get screwed?

Big time. Just type the name into a search engine.
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Woah... Bad deal... The new VT50s are about $399 and are far superior. The resale value on the old valvetronix isn't great from what I've seen either.

This is why we research things before we buy them...
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I paid $329 for mine used at Guitar Center a year and a half ago. I don't know how "used" it was since it still had all the tags on it. Great amp but i wouldn't pay 436.00 for one, especially now that the VT's are out, and they're cheaper than the old AD series was.
I paid almost exactly that much for mine new. In Canadian $ though.

It is a pretty good amp, though.
ALWAYS research gear before you buy it.

He overpaid BIGTIME.
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