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I own a lot of nice guitars - like Custom Shop Fender, Vintage Gibson and some not vintage but rare like a 65 SG in Polaris White, Vintage Fender, old Martin, Custom Shop Gibson, Rickenbacker, Gibson Les Paul, Dobro, etc....

My favorite right now is an Ed Roman Quicksilver.

What is your favortie you own?
I love Les Pauls( I own an Epi LP Custom, prophecy series), and those good ol' classic Fender Strats. The ones with the thicker necks, y'know. God those things play so well.
Current gear:
Carvin CT6M
TC Electronics Dark Matter distortion
Harley Benton 2x12, with Celestion V30s
Laney Ironheart 60w tube amp
Ibanez RG370DX... probably because it's the only guitar that I have at the moment.
My hi spot accoustic. Hooray for cheap vintage.

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my epi explorer
2012 Gibson Les Paul Custom Classic
2001 Schecter C-1 Classic
2007 Yamaha APX500
Vox AC15CC1 w/ Eminence Tonkerlite
Assorted Pedals!

All for sale!

Call me Matt!
my ESP LTD mh-400.
For sale:
Schecter C1 Classic.
Schecter 007 Elite.
Randall G2 Head.
Crate 4x12 cab.
Line 6 POD XT.
Samson PG2200 power amp.
My Variax 700. Like having 25 guitars in 1.
Dean Icon PZ
Line 6 Variax 700
Dean V-Wing
Dean ML 79 SilverBurst
MXR M 108
H2O Chorus/Echo
Valve Junior (V3 Head/Cab and Combo)
VHT Special 6
Phonic 620 Power Pod PA
Wampler Super Plextortion
Line 6 Pod HD
My Ibanez RG1527. It's one of the best guitars I have ever played by such a long way, it really is incredible.
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Fender strat "lone star"
the tone is amazing, beautifuly easy to play as well. :-)
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Fender LoneStar Strat.
Peavy VYPYR.
My American Series Stratocaster, especially since I put some Custom '54's in it.
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My ORM. Sure it's the least versatile, but it's the comfiest.
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Ibanez SZ520/Ibanez ORM-1/Ibanez RG7321/Pocket POD/Crate GX/Boss HM-2
my first guitar, the Ibanez JetKing II....this is my baby
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Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Thinline (In the gold finish) I'm going to mod it in a week...
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Schecter omen 6. It was nothing special before I got the pickups changed, but after I got the Invader in the bridge, it's the coolest, most reliable thing I've ever owned
-LTD Alexi 600
-LTD MH-100 QM
-Schecter Omen 6
-B-52 AT-112
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My shitty covers:
My PRS Single Cut Satin Trem (pic´s in my profile) but that could change next week if I get this PRS Limited Custom 24 Blade which is a sweet guitar. I´ve got it sitting on the side so know one can buy it.
My Jekyll Custom.

Bernie Rico Jr. Custom Jekyll
Schecter ATX
Schecter Tempest Cust.
Ibanez GIO
Laney VH100R-Sell/Trade?? pm me
Cube 15
THD HOT plate Attentuator and other stuff
I don't have too many guitars (yet), but right now my favourite is my Jackson DK2M. Fantastic guitar.
My Cort at the moment. Almost up there with my old Gibsons and ahead of the '74 SG I had for many years.
I pick up my guitar and play
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T C Ellis Series 2 LP w/Skatterbrane Quiescence pups
Cort EVL-K6
Yamaha RGX211 modded
H&S Electric 12-string
Shaftsbury Ricki 4001
'84 Fender Yale
Roland Cube 15x

My favorite guitar that I own is my Epi Les Paul Standard. It has a very beautiful finish on it and sounds awesome. My favorite guitar overall (even though I don't own own) is a Gibson/Epiphone Flying V.
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My Carvin DC-127. My newest purchase is a nicer guitar, but I haven't got used to the Floyd on it yet so overall the Carvin's my favorite.
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