I bought some Ernie Ball beefy slinkys (.11 - .54) and i sat them on my guitar. I had it in standard tuning, before i went to my big brothers band, and the guitarist said that there will be so much tension that the neck may break. After he said that, i only dared to have it one or two steps down, which results in that i can't play my favourite songs : p

Is it true what he says, that the neck might break?

Sat them on your guitar? or strung your guitar with them?

I don't understand your question. Please clarify.
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Considering SRV used up to 13s on a strat in standard or half step down, and many jazz players use 12s-13s on their guitars with no issues then its not gonna be an issue for you.
You might need to have the guitar set up for .11s to prevent damage to the neck over time, from what I understand. That should also fix your intonation with the higher gauge strings.
It shouldn't be an issue. Just be sure that your truss rod has adequate relief so that the heavier strings don't cause any bowing.
heard people saying the same thing
you should just keep it with .11's to be safe ernie ball power slinky
.11s arent even heavy really. it should be fine
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it wont hurt your guitar. i used .13s in standard on my gibson. it doesnt hurt it at all. trust me. my guitar is older than me.
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He likely doesn`t know what he is talking about.

I`ve used .13 strings before on my MiM Tele no issues, I don`t use them anymore however they seem to be a pain in the butt.
It's not going to make your neck just snap in half or anything, You're going to want to get it set up. If you're confident in your skills, you can follow some guides that Jenny has posted and do it yourself. Otherwise, you should probably take it to your nearest local shop, and tell them you want it fully set up for playing in standard tuning. Most shops that I've been to, although it's only been two, generally let you watch and maybe even teach you how to do it yourself.
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I've been using 13s on my strat for a couple months and as long as the guitar is adjusted properly there will be no problems.

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