So i'm thinking about changing my pickups sometime soon, but i really don't know what to get. I've been considering EMGs, but i've heard alot of mixed feedback from people. My pet genre is metal, in particular death metal, but i do occasionally venture into some other genres.

So any suggestions, UG? If I haven't provided enough information, feel free to ask me any questions. Thanks
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if you have a good amp you get the most out of them, what are you using gear wise?


Depending on what amp you're using changing your pickups may have a very minute effect on your tone.
The amp is a Kustom Arrow 16DFX, quite a cheap one, which i'm planning on changing soon too. The guitar is an Ibanez RG. Not sure which model though. I think it's RG321. Thanks guys
Get a new amp first. Amp is 90% of your tone. Your not gonna here much of a difference in pups through that amp either.


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Yeah true, but the thing is that my neck pup is kinda "broken". But yeah i guess amp is more important. While i'm at it, can i ask for amp suggestions too?
yeah, not gonna lie, emg's aren't my cup of tea, but through a quality amp, like a good tube head, then you can get a pretty darn good tone, not what i love, but still, i would use it, so change amp first i would say
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