I was messing around with my Vox VT50, and I stumbled upon this tasty model called Super 4x10. It's rather smooth yet defined. Creamy blues on the neck pickup and jangly indie overdrive on the bridge pickup. I wondered the real amp would sound like, then I wondered what the heck the real amp actually is. Anyone have an idea? I know it's not the Bassman model, because it would be labeled Tweed 4x10. Pretty much all the other models are obvious (Slash's Marshall, EVH's 5150, Marshall JVM, Dual Rectifer, Vox models, Fender Deluxe, Dumble, etc.), but I can't figure this out.
probably a fender super reverb. it is a 4x10 combo. and one of my favorite amps of all time.
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Fender Super Reverb I'm assuming, especially since it says 4x10.

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I hate to be different from everyone else, but I suspect it's a Fender Super Reverb.
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