Amazing song. It was very suprising. Way better than stick stickily. Kinda random.

Some nice parts. From 5 - 13 it was too random for me. But 5 - 6 were nice.

More bars like 16 - 20

7 - 15 kinda sucked. It sounded just like random notes that would scare off the one who is listening for them.
Bawharahar. Nice job, I know a lot of people probably won't "get" this kind of music, but I thought it was pretty good. It's also a very hard type of music to crit, because almost anything goes. It really sounds like you probably got exactly what you wanted it to sound like, which is good.

**** Shamu/10.

I don't freaking know lol.
thanks for the crit, sorry it took so long...

bar 1-4 i love this intro very tranquil and soothing....
bar 4-11 kinda weird and different, very different than my fav genre of metalcore, but, i like it..i think its very unique and creepy sounding...lol
bar 17-24 awesome riff, i love it
bar 25-28- i love this riff, very cool, an the harmonization is really neat
bar 41-44 this riff is awesome, very fitting for the outro

overall- i'd give it an 7/10