Have problems bending the high scalloped frets on my JEM.

Sometimes i can get the note, but it wont sustain as long as it would if i bend any non-scalloped fret for some reason. Sometimes the bend can't last for more than a second.

I sort of suspect this is a technique problem rather than a technical problem with the guitar. Maybe I have to press alot harder to bend the high scalloped frets?
Sounds like your not fretting the string with enough force. Scalloped frets are alot easier to bend on but you may be putting to much effort into bending instead of fretting
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Sounds like your might need to check your guitar's set-up. It seems from what you're describing that the notes are choking out pretty quickly, a sign that your action is too low. Scalloped frets don't need any more pressure to bend on than non-standard frets, if anything they need less. So, either your action is too low, or perhaps you're actually playing with too much force.