the intro is quite triumphant. I saved the princess.
bar22 - Im fighting stuff and its scary aweseom.
bar 60 uh oh a change of plans.
63 towers are falling and many swordstrikes are being swung
74 idk, triumphant imagery again.
and chorus is like the hero is living in the present as a king.
the breakdown is like a medieval dance number break, and then its kinda random for a while.
Besides the 2nd 1/2 of the breakdown this song has so much 80's video potential its outstanding.
I like it a lot.

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I think it's very interesting and epic sounding. I enjoy it. One gripe though, is that the guitars spend so much time harmonizing that the song lacks balls. I would recommend having another distorted guitar holding down chords, even just power chords, underneath the melodies. You do it in the chorus, but the verses are lacking.
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beginning is cool and gives off a kind of excited feell. like he said it feels like i just saved
the princess in a video game or something haha.

the riffs after that were good.

cool when the begininng chord progression comes back but rockified
kinda sounds like its been done before but thats the problem with music now all the chord
progs have been used before.

pretty epic tho. not much to say it doesnt need any improving really. the song was catchy most of the time and the riffs were good. with vocals itd be pretty awesome.

overall its a good song deff a nice change from what i hear on the site usually, i get tired
of all the dissonant metalcore. this is like a nice happy sounding version of that stuff haha.
best ive heard on here in a while.

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Thanks for the crit.

Maybe it's just me, but I didn't like the triplets starting at bar 5. I thought the progression was good, just not as triplets.

I think bar 77 needs to be harmonized.

When you brought the intro back as the chorus I think the triplets sounded better; I really liked this part. When the lead part came in at 90 it was just epic win.

The drums in the Bridge need to be redone IMO.

Overall, I'm going to give it a 8/10.
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