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I am wondering if I should get the coverage. I want to but it says that if something goes wrong with the guitar just call and it will give me instructions to the nearest service location. Do I still get service if it is not necessarily near like out of the country far?
i would order from american musical supply over musician's friend. they're faster and already give you a short warranty for free if something goes wrong.

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i know its 'easy' to not buy a guitar online, but when you have limited choice in your town sometimes you don't have much of a choice...
buying online is fine, i bought 2 guitars from music123, musicians friends sister site, and everything was great. i didnt get any kind of coverage, but if u think u need it go for it
It's fine to buy online, but better to try the guitar in store.

At least if you don't like the guitar, you can return it for a full refund, minus shipping and handling.
Don't get coverage.

For the price, how much do you think could break?

You wear a nut down, you're out 20 bucks.

Tuner breaks, $40~ for a set.

Knob rusts, few bucks.

Pickups fail, get a soldering iron, and a new pickup.

Neck breaks, you're screwed.

As long as you don't abuse your guitars, there's no reason to get it.
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i bought my guitar online and there wasn't a single problem with it (zzounds.com)
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the way to do it is try it out in the store first then get it off ebay. if you buy from a liscensed eBay store, then it will come exactly as advertised (whether that be lightly used or perfect mint) or you get a refund
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i recommend www.sweetwater.com very much. i bought a flawless guitar from them a long time ago. the best part is that you can usually see the guitar you're going to buy before you have it shipped.


check it out. and i wouldn't recommend the coverage, unless you're buying a seriously high quality instrument it just wouldn't be worth it. normal repairs would cost much less than that coverage