i've heard you're supposed to practice with a metronome, and i have an electric one, but i'm not really sure how to use it effectively. am i supposed to look up a song i want to learn, look up the time signature, then try to learn each measure playing along with the metronome?

anyone know of any guides or videos that give tips on how to play with a metronome?
If you are struggeling with a song.

and the riff is something like this:


what you would do is that would play 6 notes with in one loop of metranome.

Or if you had four notes you would play them within one loop.

Sorry if the riff didn't come out properlyy.
And sorry for my bad english its not my first.
A metronome is just something to keep tempo. When learning tricky stuff, set the metronome to a slow beat and play whatever it is at that rate, gradually increasing the speed of the metronome until it's as fast as it's supposed to be. That's the typical metronome method.
Have you ever tapped your foot to a song?

notice your foot always is tapping at one speed, not changing. It just seems to pick out the pace of the song.

Well thats what that metronome is doing in a nut shell, but it is accurate and can be set to the tempo you desire.
thanks for the advice guys. i can generally keep beat with my foot when playing quarter or eighth notes, but when i speed up to 16th notes my foot gets a mind of its own and speeds up too

sometimes it feels like more of a distraction than it's worth...
well a metronome wont speed up on you...lol.

start off by thinking in 4/4 time. You know were the quarter note is every click. And practice some simple exercises with sixteenth notes. 4 notes per click.

And honestly, start at a slow speed... Some ppl refuse to practice at slow tempos.
You may have seen the old fashioned metronome that looks like a tall pyramid with a little arm that moves back and forth, producing a click each time the arm sweeps across. Today there are electronic metronomes and drum machines that come in all shapes and sizes. If you are starting to learn to play guitar a good choice is a small inexpensive metronome, that you can buy at any music store. I have had the same metronome for about twenty years.
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Just bought myself a new Korg MA-30 metronome(only about $29 from Guitar Center). Love it. Now that I know I won't be wasting my time and will be actually learning and IMPROVING, the "boring" stuff isn't bad at all. It is actually quite cool to see yourself improving in a quantifiable way! Even with something as simple as a little 4 note lick.
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