Hello, I was recently looking up tabs for Riot Van by the Arctic monkeys and the main melody of the song is these three chords. The firt one is obviously prety easy and the third one is just a slide down from the second. My question is how do you even position you fingers for a chord like this. I know it is right because I forced my fingers into it but it would be nearly impossible to go straight from the first to the secong that way or maybe I'm just doing it wrong. Any help?
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Barre chords. Use your index finger to play the notes at the second fret in the first chord, and those at the 4th and 2nd frets in the 2nd and 3rd chords, by placing it flat across the neck of the guitar.
id say bar the 4th fret with your first finger, middle finger for 5th fret, the your ring and pinky fingers for the 6th fret on the G and D strings (respectively)? is that what youre asking? haha
Ok, Thanks. Wow, I wasn't thinking at all, I completely forgot about barring the frets. I havn't played a barre chord in a while.
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