I'm gonna buy a new amp soon. i just wanted to know what is the best amp for Death metal. i want to have a crunchy yet bassy tone. I was told marshall... but in your opinion what is? i dont want to waste my money on ****
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Well whats your price range.
But if you go marshall then I would try some out first.
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Genres/Bands you play?
Head/Stack or Combo?
can you go used?
Gigging or not?

And no not just any Marshall would be good... Most low end Marshalls are horrible


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They have a thread here called "Gear for Metal". That might be a great place to start getting ideas.

Ive found that the UG faithfull are better at breaking apart two or three amps in your decision tree, rather than starting for scratch, there's just too many varibles.
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Well, your options are very very vast as it stands.

But possibly two of the most known amps in death metal are those old Ampeg solid states (VH-140c) and the Peavey 5150.
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