I have a vintage 1976 Fender Vibro Champ that I'm interested in selling but I'm wondering if I should do any cosmetic work to it beforehand.

It has some tears in the tolex on the corners, some scuff marks, dents on the face plate, the grille cloth is faded/stained a little, etc.

I was just wondering if it would destroy the value if I retolexed it, put on a new grille cloth and even replaced the face plate (if I could find another).

So far, all the parts are original except a power tube and a capacitor. Should I clean it up or leave it in it's glory? Which would leave it with the most value?
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It would damage the value if you retolex it seeing as it's not original
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just get some warm soapy water and clean it up like that, dont ruin the value by changing parts on it
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Agreed. If i was to buy it, I'd want it in its original "Beat-Up" condition.
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who cares if it looks like ****? if it SOUNDS good then nothing is wrong with it. amps aren't made to "look pretty"