The reptilians are making Obama spend us into a place where we will have no choice but to default on our debts to China and thus invoke WW3 of which we will be the only ones with the THEL laser weapons system and a chance at survivial! Gotta love the rep's game plan, incidious.

AND actually its not just Earth-bound reptilians in control, they are just the puppets of the off world Greys, WHO have been under the control of thier own Artificial Intelligence for thousands of years. The "Grey AI" also saw fit to establish the 3 Abrahamic religions, Judaeism, Christianity, and Islam throughout our timespan as a kind of "human virus" not unlike a computer virus so we are self-programmed to believe in the coming of a Messiah and the end-time appocalypse that ensues (WW3 and WW4). This allows the small greys/tall greys to walk in and take over our cosmic rock without so much as a fight.

You should all familiarize yourselves with the testimony of Rick Carter (grandson of a Col. who was involved in the Roswell investigation) and his writings in the Book of Thoth:


^read from the book of thoth bitches

Heres his warning to mankind on an Alien-UFOs mssg board I was banned from a while back:
I think it's time for someone's nap in the straight-jacket wing...
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Quote by pigeonmafia
I think it's time for someone's nap in the straight-jacket wing...

this more than drugs
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