We are Arcane Haven from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. we put our heart and soul into our music, please take the time to give us a listen.


if you have a myspace. add us! and comment on here to!


Arcane Haven
Nice =]
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This is way better than I expected, vocals both clean and screaming are great and the guitars sound great. Personally I think this is better than 90% of the other metal bands that post on here.
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i am the guitarist of the band, not the lead though, i play rythem. Our lead guitarist brad is unreal. but thanks for all the kind words guys
I'm pretty impressed, and I'm a real prick when it comes to metal and particularly 'battle of the bands' type of bands; I don't know the word I'm looking for... 'unsigned' I guess.
Not a fan of the breakdown at all though. Just seems typical.
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thanks everyone! WEspeak, i checked out your stuff, from what i heard it sounds legit. but it would be alot better if the recordings were better. but its all good.
ummm the riff at the start of forever is the word sounds an awful lot like the tapping at the start of roses for the dead by funeral for a friend... and has the same chord sequence- i'm pretty sure it's actually similar enough to breach copyright. rest of the song sounds sweet though

our escape - was going alright until it reached the pre-chorus- the pre-chorus sounds like the pre-chorus from When Darkness Fall's by killswitch engage- the chorus even has a similar lead guitar line over the top- i think this songs on the borderline of breaching copyright but you could probably get away with it. I like the clean section in this track, but i've sort of been put off by the aforementioned plagiarism.

This Is War - This track is sounding pretty good but because of the hijacked riffs from the other I feel like I'm almost just waiting to hear something I already know. The chorus sounds like it's lifted from "The Arms of Sorrow", but has the guitar lead-in from the start of the chorus from "This is Absolution". The bridge section is pretty much the riff from "The End Of Heartache" played about 2x as fast and in a different key. The tapping in the leadout sounds identical to the tapping in "Break The Silence" at the end.

Tresures Of The World - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgHwiN49mfc This track is off to an impressively lawsuitish start. I can't be bothered to listen to this song after that.

You boys can all play your instruments, but as it stands, your tracks seem to be a mash up of other peoples riffs and not actually your own songs. If I listened to more bands in your genre I'd probably know where more of the riffs come from. When it's just one riff or something you can sort of put it down to a happy accident, but all of your tracks are riddled with lawsuit level plagiarism. I'm not trying to do you boys down at all, I'm just looking out for you- if you even started to get big you could get destroyed in a lawsuit- and you wouldn't just lose money- you'd lose your reputation. I hope I haven't offended you, I always aim to give constructive criticism, but in this case that's as constructive as I can be.

xx matt
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wow dude! i know you dont kno me in person. but im gonna be honest with you, your right forever was the word almost sounds identical. its actually scary. but i never listened to funeral for a friend ever. but you definatly have a point. treasures of the world,the intro does sound like that song. but i dont even know what that song is. but i listened to the video, but if i were to compare that video to any song, it would be my heroine by Silverstein. i cant hear the simularities in any of the other ones. but i do give you credit for being able to pinpoint everything. you got good ears my friend. thank you for the criticism
Hey man, just took a listen. Personally I hate the clean vocal feel but you guys did it in a tasteful way. You had some really nice heavy parts. And I really like the lead guitarist. Hes really good. I give you guys a thumbs up!!