I just recently took a trip down to guitar center, to look for some pedals to get "the right sound" (you know what im talking about)

Anyways, everything i checked out just seemed like garbage.

nothing even close to what i wanted


In a pissed rage. i went home.

When i got there, i talked to my friend about this. and he said that I should find an album or band i like, and look up how to get that sound.

I googled it, and found nothing.

So I will ask you guys, what pedals could i use to get Metallica's "And Justice For All" sound?
I'm going to guess dunlop crybaby pedal...just a guess lol
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not to go against what your friend said, but if your trying to find "the right sound" you need to find your own sound, not copy someone else sound
though trying to emulate someone else sound is a good way to figure out how to create different sound you like to eventually create your own

edit: as far as i know metallica doesn't use a whole lot of effects
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i think too before you go out and spend a 100 bucks on one boss effect. try getting them multi effects pedals, digitech makes one that has tons of effects and im pretty sure you can use three at a time.. and thats only $150.. and it comes with more then just effects too..it will help i think..just an idea.