I wanna buy one but i don't know which one to get. Everyone say's there the same, and that they use the same circuit, but honestly which is better?
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The TS808 uses a different IC chip which is more faithful to the original. but there really isn't much difference

the maxon OD9 is a good idea if you have the cash.
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Personally, I prefer the 808, but you should try both out and see which one you like more. The 808 is considerably more expensive, so if you're just looking for a transparent boost, you might want to go with a TS9, or one of the alternatives (Maxon TS9, Bad Monkey, etc.).
The 808 is the superior circuit to most vintage snobs, but in all honesty you won't find much difference - the change was mostly cosmetic for when they introduced the '9' series.

A good vintage TS808 will be a little smoother and more transparent, but the two modern reissues use the same board. You might as well get a Digitech Bad Monkey instead of the Ibanez reissue, or else spend a little more on one of the boutique drives.
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Maxon OD9

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anyways, i would have to say the 808 would be better. but it's all preference.

Have you possibly considered getting a TS board that is empty and filling it yourself to what you feel sounds best?
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