So, the title says it all. Which would be better for me, cost and quality wise? I play hard rock, gnr and van halen, and im not gigging, just bedroom practice. If i was to go with amp with built in effects, i think i would get the vibro champ xd ( is it any good, it looks good and got good reviews, opinions please) heres the link


And i have no idea what i would choose if i went with small tube amp and then bought pedals seperately. (Note: no music stores for 2 hours and the pawn shop here has all this no name junk i have tried and craigslist as pretty much nothing as well) Thanks!
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Tube and pedals, I regret buying a modeler even though it is really nice (super-champ xd w/ ragin cajun speaker) I would of rather of gone for the blues junior though.
Tube and pedals.

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I'd go for tube amp (use it's distortion) and use other pedals separately in front of the amp and in FX loop

in this case if you change your amp you still got the separate FX...
and you can go for some Testing Rehersals (when like guys invite you to a band and you dont bring all your gear (specially when you have a half stack) there for just a practice... may be you wont liike their playing... haha so you could take your pedals and hook em up to an amp
Alright, so what brand of tube amp do i get then? and what brands of delay, reverb, flanger etc. do you guys reccomend? and will i be able to get this all for 200 dollars or less? because thats what the vibro champ is right now.
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your lucky to get a good delay for 150 dont count on getting a decent pedal setup for that mate.
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For that price, you can get a valve junior, fender champ 600 (or one of the many copies), or the vibrochamp xd.

I'd get the vibrochamp

If you go onto the harmony-central classifieds, you can find a superchamp for 225 or so, just heads up after reading your sig
it's really about the money. A Blues junior and some pedals will cost you alot more then a SuperChamp XD, But something like a vetta is gonna run you more then that and just because it's tube doesn't mean it won't sound bad with bad pedals. You need to decide how much your going to spend and make your compromises based on that. A valve Junior and a POD XT Live sounds better then the superchamp in my opinion, but again it's going to run you more money.
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Well, i think i will get the vibro champ. I dont have tons of money to spend on guitar stuff, and i will probly get a footswitch with it too.
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The Vibro Champ XD is a great choice. Out of my 7 tube amps my Super Champ XD is one of my favorites. You don't need pedals. Lots of great tones right on the dials.

I don't believe you can use a FS with the VCXD. You need to spend the extra $100 and get the SCXD if you want to use a FS for channel switching.
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hm, i would really like a footswitch. guitarcenter is having a big sale, so i think im going to get the vibro champ right now, and the the super champ some other day. thanks guys!
Fender MIM hss strat 1997
Marshall Class 5
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I love classic rock.