This is my latest creation, its in my profile. I recently went on holiday to Los Angeles and spend an evening on venice beach as the sun was setting over the hills, ive tried to recreate what i was seeing and feeling at the time. Any ideas or tips appreciated, thanks.
Nice groove ^_^ Though the not sure about that lead too much. eq, or possibly the recording could've been a tad bit better. Sound like it's got just a bit too much attack. It's around 0:50 that it gets that desirable volume, but then it changes back to the way it was XP

How about a constructive C4C? ^_^
thanks for the crit, i like yours its really "epic" sounding the only slight problem i think is when the blast beats come in, im not to sure if they are to loud but they seem to overpower the rest of the music and kinda distracted my attention until they stopped, but after it was all good, nice work.