Im pretty sure this is the right forum for this, but here goes.

I got this 4 string Ibanez Gio - I've had it for about 4 or 5 years, it was my very first bass.

I since got more basses obviously, and I stopped playing this one becuase at one point in time the input jack got loose and I just twisted it to tighten it. I got away with this the first couple of times, but little did I know I was just twisting the cable connected to the input jack.

So of course eventually it just broke, and I didnt know anything about fixing it and I had other basses so I wasnt really worried about it. I just hung it up on the wall in the band room and left it there for a couple years.

a few months back I decided to open it up and check it out. I saw what had happend and I took out the soldering iron and some solder and solder'd the cable back to the input jack, and screwed everything back together.

Well, putting the bass on and plugging it in and turning the amp on, I plug it up and I get that same sound out of the amp that you get when your cords not plugged into anything.

But heres the thing - If I pluck a note I can still faintly hear it. Also, the "bare amp cable" sound stops when i lay the bass down and dont touch.

I can only hear the sound if i am touching part of the bass - which is strange to me.

Can anybody tell me whats up? I dont know much about wiring and stuff so dont call me a noob just tell me whats up.
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